August 2019 Release Notes: Web Maintenance

What's New

  • System fields on the Default Form - We now include the Created (date and time), Created By User, Updated (date and time), and Last User - fields on a Default Form at the bottom.


  • In the Filter Builder, the "Add Conditional Group" button now displays above the list of fields, improving discoverability and ease of use.

  • In the Role Designer, if you try to add a user who is already in another role, the error message will tell you which role that person has been assigned to.


What's Fixed

  • When a quick filter was applied to an aggregate view, a drill down list of records did not update until the browser page was refreshed.

  • Conditional formatting rules applied to a relationship field weren't copying over when creating a new view.

  • Limited users who applied the quick filter for a relationship field in a view didn't always see the selected relationship value (it would blank out) even though the view filtered properly.

  • When a child table had several relationships to the same parent table, incorrect parent images sometimes displayed in the child view. Now the correct images will display.

  • Users intermittently experienced errors when trying to open or upload images and documents 

  • Under some circumstances, a quick filter would duplicate conditions. We've fixed this so that conditions will remain unique as the user intends.

  • The Import Wizard showed "xC2" instead of the correct icon for a paragraph field.

  • In the Formula Editor of the Table Builder, pressing the tab key would insert the characters "xE2" instead of an expected tab character.

  • Integrations and Microservices has been removed from the User Dropdown menu for App Admins and Limited Users.

  • There were some situations when App Script constants for a relationship (Link To Parent) field didn't work. This is fixed.

Coming Soon to our customers in a GOV, HIPAA, or Private Environment!

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