iOS Mobile App v4.0: Release Notes

Introducing TrackVia for iOS v4.0


Make sure your devices are updated to iOS 11.0 or above


Speed and performance improvements

Full Offline 2.0 Support + Simplified Offline Data Sync

New Apps + Dashboard Navigation

New Menu Navigation

Cleaner Dashboards

Redesigned Sync Center

Added icons to represent field types

Locations can now enter addresses

Improvements on Multi-Select feature

Documents support the native iOS Filesystem

Signature and Image Enhancements

Simplified Child Views on Forms

Infinite Scroll on Grids (coming soon)

Differences from the previous version

Addresses linked to Map from Grid View

Column Sorting

All sharing - forms, grids, charts, images

Barcode Generation

Visual line on camera for reading barcodes

Form and Grid Refresh

Flip Grid View 

Drill down from chart to grid view

Showing the number of children on a child view

Wrapped content in grids (now displays with elipses)

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