October 2019 Web Maintenance


  • Loading… Loading… To make those times waiting for a page to load more fun, you'll see a new TrackVia spinner if the loading time exceeds 1 second.


  • When admin’s rename a field in the View Builder on the Format tab, the original field name will also display beside its new label. Makes it easy to see what it was originally!


  • When a Super Admin proceeds to delete an app that contains one or more tables which are connected to other apps (i.e. the tables are cross-apped), there will be a warning message show to confirm deletion. The message includes a link to the app's Table Relationships page so the Admin can disconnect them.



A limited user can't see pivots

  • Limited user couldn't see a pivot view if a view filter was applied. This is now fixed, so your end users can see your pivot views!

Table Relationship Menu Re-Ordering

  • ERD will be listed first in the Table Relationships menu due to sorting elements in alphabetical order.  

Share Links from views with Cross App tables can take you to a different app the share was sent from

  • In some very rare cases, when you received an email with a link to a view that was shared across multiple apps and you clicked on the link, you could be taken to the wrong app. You’re now taken to the right app!

Text wrapping on Lanes Views occurs mid-word, making cards difficult to read

  • On a Lanes view, the text of the Record ID could wrap to the next line in the middle of a word, making it difficult to read. Now, the break will occur at the end of a word.

Mouse pointer gets stuck in cross hair form when editing the record ID

  • Sometimes when editing the Record ID of a table, the mouse pointer would get stuck. Silly mouse! No Trix for you!

Can't scroll in a view after clearing a search that returns no results

  • Searching in a grid view sometimes gives no results. When this happened, a user couldn't scroll in the grid after removing the search term. This has been fixed; scrolling works again!

New Dashboards cutoff the top of views and forms at the top of the builder

  • When creating a new dashboard, the top of the first element added was cut off in the Dashboard Builder.

Hidden Field and View Sections on a Form add unnecessary whitespace

  • When a form section was hidden due to a Show/Hide rule, the form would sometimes display a large empty space. Now the form's elements should appear regularly spaced whether a section is hidden or not.

Deleting Condition from Quick Filters Causes View Scrolling to Break

  • When a user added then deleted a condition from a quick filter, the underlying grid view didn't always scroll as expected.

Horizontal Scroll Bar Does Not Work on Child & Dashboard Summary Views

  • After expanding a summary view group on the dashboard or as a child view on a parent form, horizontal scrolling did not always work.

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