December 2019 Web Maintenance

What's New

  • Dashboard Tabs: Updated the code behind these tabs. We also changed "+New" to ">>" to indicate you have more dashboards than can fit on one row of tabs!

  • Rearranging Short Cut Buttons: You can now rearrange shortcut buttons on a dashboard! Simply click on the "pencil" edit button to change the order your buttons display in.

  • The ERD Properties side drawer will now save your preference when opened or closed.

  • Views, Forms & Filters submenus in the Admin bar will now show tables in alpha order, case-insensitive.

  • Enhanced look & feel for tooltips.

  • Changed bulk edit wording from "Edit / Delete All" to "Edit / Delete Selected" on grid views.

  • We removed the "IF" formula builder UI on Calculated and Triggered fields as we noticed nobody used it. We also improved the "Revert" functionality to revert your last change when editing a calc / triggered field.

What's Fixed

  • Fixed a bug where some users could not return to the default theme once it had been changed.

  • Resolved an issue where in the View builder, parent relational fields that are added to the 'Included Fields' section lose their proper [Table Name] when the view has been saved and displayed as if they are fields that came from the current table.

  • Resolved an issue whereby a "/" character in the Group By field of a Summary View prevents the "View All" from properly drilling down into data.

  • Put back the time picker that was missing from the show/hide condition builder.

  • Fixed an issue on the Theme editor where the "Save Changes?" modal was triggering on the My Account page regardless of any changes being made.

  • Fixed a bug on the Table Builder where editing field names causes the entire field name to blank out.

  • Improved the Form Builder alignment of elements.

  • Addressed an issue where 'Edit all' within a group that has '/' in the group name would not take you to the edit form but would instead take you to the home screen of your favorited app.

  • Improved LTP fields with infinite scroll in Quick Filters or Views.

  • Fixed a bug where a double scroll bar would cover data on pivot views in Chrome on Microsoft Windows.

  • Resolved an issue where Summary Views wouldn't display accurately when scrolling to left / right.

  • Addressed an issue in the Flow Builder where you couldn't delete a variable. 

  • Fixed an issue in the Flow builder where changes to decision steps weren't honored.

  • Enhanced Pivot view to give appropriate warning messages when exceeding the maximum number of columns.

  • Resolved an issue where right clicking on resources of the Go To menu does not consistently give you the option to open the resource in a new tab.

  • Fixed an issue with Sandbox where, in some rare cases right-clicking to open a resource would result in user being taken to their Production account.

  • Addressed some rare instances of Forms not rendering correctly.

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