Web v20.10: New Permission & Enhancements to Bulk Select

What’s New

New Permission on Role designer & Views: We have an exciting addition to our Roles & Permissions! In the role designer, you’ll find a new permission on Views. You can now “Hide Add Record Button” on individual view, or globally for the role. This gives application admins the ability to prevent end users inadvertently adding records where they should not. This will help you manage when and where your users are able to add records, whether that be in a flow, when on a standalone view or when that view is on a dashboard.

Individual Views


What’s Changing

Bulk edit / delete in Grid Views: When selecting records in bulk, the current behavior selects all records in a view. We heard from you that, in many cases, your users only wanted to select the page they were on. We’ve made a change where you can select the records on the current page, with an additional option to “Select All” records in the view.

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