iOS Mobile App v4.5: Voice Memo, Barcodes, Manual Sort, and Charts

What's New

  • Record a Voice Memo from within the Mobile App
    Enabling Audio Recording in Mobile Field Options on a Document Field allows users to record and save a voice memo from directly from a form within the app. 
  • Drill Down to view Chart Data
    Want to see the underlying data displayed in a chart?  Tap on a section to display the grid view of associated records. 

  • Manual Sort on Grids and Aggregate Views
    Tap on a Column name to sort the view by data in that column.

  • Hide "Go To Search" on Dashboards
    If enabled for a role, the search option on a dashboard is not displayed to the user. 

  • Barcode Enhancement
    Added a scanner line to the barcode to assist with aligning barcode with scannable area of the app.

What's Fixed

  • Default forms displays all associated Mobile Field Options for a field type. 

  • Fixed a date display issue where various combinations of user preference timezone setting and device location timezone would cause a date field to display the previous date.    

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