TrackVia Business Continuity and COVID-19 Update

TrackVia Business Continuity and COVID-19 Update

We have considered the potential impact of the COVID-19 virus to our employees, customers, and supply chain. In response, we have enacted our Business Continuity Plan and want to provide you with an update.

1.     The safety of our employees and their families is paramount.

  • TrackVia is adhering to guidelines from national and regional health authorities, including the Center for Disease Control. This includes temporarily suspending travel and leveraging our pre-existing capabilities to have employees work remotely.

  • Our AWS hosted platform enables us to employ a fully remote technical workforce.

  • Our business operations rely on SaaS applications and services, enabling us to employ a fully remote business workforce.

2.     Service to our customers will remain without interruption.

  • We’ve taken all the appropriate steps to ensure that you can continue to rely on your TrackVia service without interruption, including access to customer support through the normal email and phone channels.

  • We opened a temporary HIPAA-compliant environment for all businesses, including our existing customers. It is free to use and includes a template application to help businesses track and manage any COVID-19-related incidents or tasks involving their employees and business locations. The addition of this environment will not interfere with regular business customers.

3.     Our supply chain has been reviewed from a Business Continuity perspective.

  • TrackVia is hosted in the AWS cloud.

    • The AWS facilities in use are geographically dispersed, spread across multiple AWS Availability Zones and AWS Regions.

    • This architecture mitigates risk to AWS data center operations from both facilities and personnel perspectives.

  • TrackVia business operations use SaaS applications and services.

    •  Customer communication via phone, email, and the Support Portal will continue.

    •  Business operations such as Customer Support, Sales, and Finance are operating as normal.

    • Contracts are in place to capture service provider commitments to TrackVia.

    •  Each SaaS service provider operates on high-availability architectures to deliver on those commitments.

    • We are in contact with our service providers to understand their COVID-19 related business continuity activity.

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