View Filters + Web Maintenance

What's New:

We've made some great improvements to the user interface, functionality and underlying performance of the View Filter builder for our Admins.  Highlights include: 
  • Greatly enhanced look and feel when building filters - smoother and more modern.
  • "New Filter" no longer auto-populated as the name of a new filter - You'll need to add a name before saving
  • Filter names now must be unique (case insensitive)
  • Number, Currency, Auto Counter now only accept numbers as input
  • We have made a number of improvements to the accessibility and keyboard usage (e.g. spacebar, tab, arrow, enter etc) when editing your filters

What's Fixed

We also fixed a number of bugs in this release: 
  • When using the Auto Counter field as a filter, the value entered did not display after saving the filter. Now it displays as expected.
  • Performing a bulk edit of Link fields now prepends https://
  • If a user named views that contained white space between the words, e.g. "Customer Accounts" and "Customer     Accounts", the Role Builder would show both views as "Customer Accounts" and cause confusion. The Role Builder and View Picker now show these as two distinct view names. The View dropdown in the Admin menu bar also shows distinct view names.
  • When a user deleted the title of a Shortcut Panel in the Dashboard Builder, there was no way to restore it. Now, there must be input in the title field before it can be saved.
  • The Filter Builder was giving some problems when a user wanted to access fields from a table in a relationship. The user can now access those fields. 
  • When a user opens a record from a view shared via email, the record will display using the form assigned to that user.
  • Users can now search for parent tables in Filter Builder.

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