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Have you ever clicked on a field in TrackVia, only to find that there are a ton of options and it’s hard to sort through them to find the one you want? One of the powerful aspects of TrackVia is it’s ability to connect data together, and we do this via Relationship fields, also called Link to Parent fields. This allows your users to interact with data you have on one table to data in a parent or child table, and is really useful for connecting data together. However, sometimes the data on a parent table or child table can be hard to understand.

One of our bright and talented engineers on our team came up with an idea to make it easier when selecting data in a Link to Parent field, and we call this Advanced Link to Parent.

We’ve added a way for you to search and filter data in a link to parent to quickly find the result you are looking for. Let’s take a look to see how it works!

Here is a form with several Link to Parent fields. This form is capturing a quality inspection. There is a relationship between the inspection and the products that are being inspected. You’ll notice that the (Product) LTP field now has a magnifying glass icon on it.

Here is a closeup of the new magnifying glass on the relationship field.

Clicking the magnifying glass will open a window to show you your available options. You can now search or filter your records to find the one you want.

I searched for “A64”, hit enter, and viewed my results!

I can then click on the result, hit Save and my selection has been saved to the field.

Filters work just like our Quick filters on views.  

This new functionality will help your users easily create and update the data they need too. Let us know how this works for you!

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