Update to Flows - New Exit Button And More!

What’s New

We’ve added some great new functionality to TrackVia Flows!  

Proceeding through an empty view

We’ve heard from our customers that sometimes their users will encounter a flow where there are no records to view and/or edit. We’ve added some new functionality that allows you to configure views steps to allow your user to proceed to any other Add step in your flow, or exit back to their dashboard, so they won’t get stuck again!

To set this up,

  1. go to the flow builder.  

  2. On View steps, there is new configuration option to “Select a workflow step a user can proceed to if no records are present in the view:”

  3. Click the dropdown and you’ll be shown a list of available Add steps you can proceed too.

  4. We’ll automatically draw a dashed line on the flow to indicate the path of the alternative step. You can drag the line around as you need, to help fit best in your flow drawing.

When your users encounter that view step in the flow and there are no record, they now have a couple of options:

  1. Exit workflow. Clicking this will return them to their dashboard where they started.

  2. Go to <alternative add step>. Clicking this button will direct them to the Add form you configured.

Exit Button & Navigation

We’ve added a brand new exit button on flows! We heard from you that many of your users would get confused or not know how to appropriately exit out of a flow. We’ve also heard that some users would inadvertently click on navigation elements like record navigation on forms, Link to Parent navigation or breadcrumbs. So, we’ve done a few things:

  1. Eliminated many navigation elements while in a flow. We removed breadcrumbs, Link to Parent navigation and record navigation whilst users are in a Flow. This will help keep your users within the flow so they can get their work done and not get lost.

  2. Added an Exit button while in a flow - this gives your users a way to explicitly get out of the flow and be returned to their dashboard.

There isn’t anything to do, this works automatically!

What’s Fixed

We also fixed a number of bugs and made some smaller enhancements in our Flows builder:

  • Added a Cancel button to the condition builder for decisions

  • Fixed an issue when a user is in a flow, an error that a variable is no longer included on the workflow is displayed when in fact the variable has been either switched to another existing field or removed completely.

  • Fixed an issue where a variable does not work on a flow if the field the variable should be populating is the dependent field on a dependent dropdown.

  • Enhanced our error handling to address an issue where a flow that has an Edit step with no view step can still be saved, however then strange behavior occurs when you go through the flow.

  • Enhanced our flow validation to ensure that an End step is included when saving a flow.

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