TrackVia Mobile - Dashboards Reimagined!

Dashboards! Dashboards! Dashboards!


Simple Dashboards!

A modern look and feel to the Simple dashboard you use everyday.

Introducing a New Dashboard Option - Enhanced Dashboards for Tablet!

  •  Charts display directly on the dashboard.
  •  Lanes display directly on the dashboard (Android only).
  •  A new display style for shortcut panels - access the panel through a shortcut button. 
  •  Available for both online and offline use. 
  •  Enhanced dashboards are the default tablet dashboard display for App Admins
  •  Simple dashboards are the default tablet display for Limited Users. There is a a new role preference to select the enhanced display. 

Hero Data on Dashboards!

  •  On both Simple and Enhanced Dashboards, the number of records within a grid or a flow displays directly on the dashboard button. 


  •  A fresh look and feel to full screen charts.


Download the iOS app from the App Store
Download the Android app from the PlayStore

What's New

An updated look and feel for dashboards in the iOS and Android mobile app. 

Simple Dashboards for Task Driven Workforce

  • Display style for Phones for all Super Admins, App Admins, and Limited Users. 
  • Available, by default, to Limited Users using Tablets. 

Enhanced Dashboards for Data Driven Workforce

  • Enabled by default for App Admins
  • Selected by Role for Limited Users

Select Simple or Enhanced Dashboards for Limited Users by Role in the Role Builder

We look forward to hearing about how you build and bring these new dashboards into your businesses. 

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