July 2020 Web Maintenance

What’s New

  • Comments in Formulas! We’re happy to announce that you can now add in-line comments to formulas you write in Calculated and Triggered fields. When writing a formula, simply use the following syntax for single line comments or multi-line comments.

    • Use double slash “//” for single line comments

    • Use slash asterisk for multi-line comments “/* */” don’t forget to close your comment with the asterisk slash!

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed a bug where a scheduled share did not honor the view sort

  • Fixed a bug where a quick-filtered view ad-hoc share would not honor the filter

  • Fixed a bug with in-cell edit validation for date/date-time, email, currency and number fields

  • Fixed a bug where you could not create a flow with an Edit step directly after an Add step

  • Fixed a bug where share links would not take the user to their record if they were not logged in

  • Resolved an column name readability issue on Pivot views when using a parent field as a column

  • Enhanced our forms so that long file names in a document or image field wrap appropriately

  • Added back the ability to double click on a field in the view filter builder and have that field be automatically added to the filter.

  • Fixed a bug where in some cases on tables/views, navigating between fields using the 'tab' button, changed / selected the first available value in Relationship and Drop-Down List fields inadvertently.

  • We’ve unified the usage of “Default” across the product to make it more clear when you are interacting with a default view, default form etc.

  • Fixed a UI issue where in some cases on the Form Builder, adding a Child View, the icons for grids and graphs changed when dragging them around.

  • In some instances when changing a form field from read-only to having a default value, the value was not always populating. This has been fixed.

  • Fixed an issue when editing checkboxes on a form, users may accidentally check the field.

  • Fixed an issue where when a user has a favorite app and is then removed from that app, they always end up on an error screen. Now, the user will be redirected to their next app.

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