Introducing App Admin Access to Sandbox!

A highly-requested feature has entered the product here at TrackVia: App Admin access to Sandboxes! For developers and Super Admins who have been using our Sandbox feature to prototype and manage changes to production applications, allowing App Admins to review and modify Sandboxes has been a long-standing request. We’re excited to deliver on this capability, so let's take a look at how it works:

App Admin Experience

If your account has Sandboxes enabled, App Admins will now be able to navigate to the new “Sandbox Environments” option in their Account dropdown in the upper right hand of TrackVia:

As expected, App Admins will see a list of all Sandboxes available to launch.

Note: App Admins do not have the ability to create new sandboxes or delete sandboxes, only launch them for testing and development.

When selecting the Sandbox to launch, the App Admin will see a list of Applications to log into within that Sandbox (this list reflects those Apps where they are an App Admin in your production account). After selecting the app the App Admin will choose which Role they would like to assume within the Sandbox (from the full list of Limited User and App Admin Roles available).

In addition to allowing App Admins to assist with development in Sandboxes and review development made by Super Admins, this feature is also a great way to impersonate a Limited User role to understand exactly what your end users are seeing!

Updates to Super Admin Experience

While the Super Admin process for accessing Sandboxes remains functionally the same, we made some visual changes to the modal that displays when the Super Admin chooses a user:

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