iOS Mobile App v5.2 - Performance Improvements and Maintenance

What's Improved
  • Improved photo and file upload on forms. 
  • Improved photo and file upload when syncing records created offline. 
  • Specific error messaging for known error types. Previously the app would display "Unknown Error" even if the error was known.  Now the app displays more specific, helpful messaging for the error type encountered. 

What's Fixed
  • In certain situations, the app would display the "The resource is not offline enabled. If this happened in error, please contact your administrator." even when the device was online.  An error was occurring; however, the app displayed the incorrect message.  Now the app will display the appropriate message for the underlying error. 
  • Fixed an issue with record drill down from a chart.  If the bar chart had the same value across multiple bars, the drill down would display the record for the first bar only.  Now the drill down will display the record(s) for the corresponding bar. 

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