August 2020 Web Maintenance

Thanks for your feedback! This release is a collection of bugs and improvements under the hood.

What’s Fixed:

  • In some cases, when you cancelled out the view builder, you would end up on a blank screen. We’ve fixed this! Please let us know if you continue to run into this issue.

  • When creating a new record and clicking the Save button, you could inadvertently click it several times, resulting in multiple records being created. We’ve added a spinner after clicking save to help prevent this issue from occurring.

  • We fixed an issue on the relationship page where you could not see the whole list of relationships when scrolling to the bottom.

  • We fixed an issue where the first column of a grid view “ID” overlapped onto the next column.

  • We improved form and dashboard scrolling so that you can now scroll the page when your mouse is in the whitespace on the sides.

  • We improved the dashboard editor so that it’s easier to move items around and into the place you want them.

  • Fixed an issue where shortcut panels on a dashboard were not fully utilizing the available space to them.

  • Fixed an issue with the flow editor where, if you rapidly clicked the save button, the screen would blank out.  

  • Improved loading of admin menu items so they load faster.

  • Improved the share modal so that you can now copy & paste multiple email addresses into the “To:” field. We also added validation so that you know if there are any invalid email addresses before you save the share.

  • Fixed an issue with Lanes views where dragging a record up in a column instantly brought it to the top of the column.

  • Improved the scrolling on the Import wizard so that it’s easier to see the “Next” button.

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