Tracked Changes in your Sandbox

When working in a Promotable Sandbox, the TrackVia system is tracking the changes that you, and your other admin make, so that all changes can be successfully promoted to your production account when you’ve decided that your changes are working as expected.

What’s being tracked?

The relevant changes that can be made in a Promotable Sandbox that will be pushed to production are any changes that have to do with the app structure, or schema of your account:

Adding/Modifying/Deleting any of the following resources constitute tracked changes:

  • Tables

  • Fields

  • Forms

  • Views

  • Dashboards

  • Roles

  • Table Relationships

  • Flows

  • App Scripts

  • User Groups

It’s also important to be aware of those changes that you can make in a Promotable Sandbox that are not tracked, and therefore will not get promoted to your production account.

What’s Not being tracked?

  • Data (Sandboxes are a safe place to add dummy data to your apps to emulate your end user workflows. Record data is not promoted from Sandboxes to Production)

  • Account Settings

    • Account theme

    • Password / Security Settings

    • SMTP Settings

    • API Token settings

    • Backup & Restore files

  • Notifications and Schedule Shares (App Admin and Super Admin can still create, edit, or delete Notifications and Shares in Production when other functions are locked)

  • User-to-User Group Assignment (You can still associate users with User Groups from their User Profiles in the Manage Users area in Production while other functions are locked)

  • Microservices (If your account has Microservices attached to tables, they will not be copied over to your Promotable Sandbox. However, you can now attach Microservices in your Promotable Sandbox to test them there without impacting your Production TrackVia account)

  • ERD changes. If you change the layout of your ERD in a Sandbox, that won’t come over to Production.

An example of an Admin creating a View Notification in an otherwise locked account.

Note: When a Promotable Sandbox exists, you are not able to add new users to Roles within your account. We’ll be opening up this capability in a release shortly!

Up Next: Now that you’re aware of what changes you can promote to Production from a Promotable Sandbox, let’s look at what happens when you Promote your changes!

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