Microservices and Sandbox Accounts

Microservices can be an important part of any TrackVia system that needs to perform complex automation or communicate with third-party systems. In order to fully test and deploy changes to microservices running on your account, TrackVia allows you to upload and test microservices within your Sandbox accounts before deploying the code to production.

Getting Started

In order to access Microservices you need to be provisioned as a Super Admin in the system.

Navigate to your Sandbox Environments page and enter the sandbox you’d like to test in.

Attaching Microservices to Sandbox Accounts

The process for attaching microservices to a sandbox account is the same as attaching them in production:

Navigate to the Microservices page in your Sandbox account and attach the upload the microservice code:

Navigate to the table that you would like to trigger the microservice and attach the microservice to the appropriate table event (After Insert, After Update, or After Delete) as normal.

Once your microservice is attached to the appropriate table event, you can trigger the service to test the results.

Note: Microservices attached to Promotable Sandboxes are *not* copied to Production when changes are promoted to Production. Microservices need to be added to Production and linked to the appropriate tables in Production manually.

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