November Security Updates

Password Complexity

In keeping with application security standards, we’ve upped the minimum password requirements for accessing TrackVia. Users will now need to set passwords that are at least (8) characters long and contain:

  • 1 uppercase character

  • 1 lowercase character

  • 1 number

  • 1 symbol (non-alphanumeric character)

Additionally, users will receive an error if they attempt to configure a password that contains commonly used words or phrases from known security breaches.

Unsupported File Types

In order to keep your applications safe from potentially malicious file uploads, TrackVia does not support the ability to attach file types that are commonly used for attacks to Document and Image fields in your account. An example of some the file types that TrackVia does not support are:

.ade, .adp, .app, .appx, .appxbundle, .apk, .asp, .aspx, .asx, .bas, .bat, .cab, .cer, .chm, .cmd, .cnt, .com, .cpl, .crt, .csh, .der, .diagcab, .dll, .dmg, .exe, .fxp, .gadget, .grp, .hlp, .hpj, .hta, .htc, .inf, .ins, .isp, .iso, .its, .jar, .jnlp, .js, .jse, .ksh, .lib, .lnk, .mad, .maf, .mag, .mam, .maq, .mar, .mas, .mat, .mau, .mav, .maw, .mcf, .mda, .mdb, .mde, .mdt, .mdw, .mdz, .msc, .msh, .msh1, .msh2, .mshxml, .msh1xml, .msh2xml, .msi, .msix, .msixbundle, .msp, .mst, .msu, .nsh, .ops, .osd, .pcd, .pif, .pl, .plg, .prf, .prg, .printerexport, .ps1, .ps1xml, .ps2, .ps2xml, .psc1, .psc2, .psd1, .psdm1, .psl, .pst, .py, .pyc, .pyo, .pyw, .pyz, .pyzw, .reg, .scf, .scr, .sct, .sh, .shb

.shs, .sys, .theme, .tmp, .url, .vb, .vbe, .vbp, .vbs, .vhd, .vhdx, .vsmacros, .vsw, .vxd, .webpnp, .website, .ws, .wsc, .wsf, .wsh, .xbap, .xll, .xnk

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