Android Mobile App v3.5

What’s New?

- New in v3.5 of the Android app, in any flow, a user may ‘step’ back to the previous step and then return to the current step in a flow. No configuration required.

  • To go back in a flow, use the new navigation tool: the Movable Floating Navigation Button (FNB)

  • Tap the button to move backward or forward in the flow

Is the Button blocking some information on the screen?

  • Tap and hold the button, then drag it along the screen to move it out of the way:

- We’ve deployed a security update to further prevent the upload of malicious files to the platform.

What’s Improved?

- If you’ve got TrackVia open in the background and Android kills the app, we’ll return you to your dashboard successfully when you re-engage.

- Resolved intermittent offline sync errors

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