TrackVia University On-Demand: Tables Course

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In addition to the detailed written articles found in this knowledge base, TrackVia University offers a hands-on learning experience through a series of on-demand video courses. Below is an overview of the Tables course, which can be found here.

Tables Course Overview

Every application is made up of a set of tables that are related to each other. These tables store all your data and lay the foundation for everything else that gets created in your application. This course will teach you how to quickly create tables, add fields to those tables, and relate them to each other with table relationships.

Learning Objectives

  1. Creating tables
  2. Creating relationships
  3. Adding fields to tables
  4. Choose the correct field types for your tables
  5. Formatting fields for your needs
  6. Avoid the join limit
  7. Set well-formed record IDs

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