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TrackVia University On-Demand: Functions and Formulas Course

About TrackVia University 

In addition to the detailed written articles found in this knowledge base, TrackVia University offers a hands-on learning experience through a series of on-demand video courses. Below is an overview of the Functions and Formulas course, which can be found here.

Functions and Formulas Course Overview

Using TrackVia to perform complex calculations is a cornerstone of many applications. This course is designed to break down the functionality of calculated and triggered fields into digestible pieces of information that will help any admin learn how to get started writing their own powerful formulas.

Learning Objectives

  1. Triggered fields
  2. Calculated fields
  3. The formula builder
  4. Syntax
  5. Referencing parent fields
  6. Referencing child fields
  7. Performing arithmetic
  8. Common functions

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