TrackVia University On-Demand: Forms Course

About TrackVia University 

In addition to the detailed written articles found in this knowledge base, TrackVia University offers a hands-on learning experience through a series of on-demand video courses. Below is an overview of the Forms course, which can be found here.

Forms Course Overview

Forms are the most interactive way to explore the data contained within an application. They can be used to add new records into tables or to edit/view existing records. Even though TrackVia will create "standard" forms automatically, administrators have the ability to create much more customized and elegant forms for your users. This course will take a deep dive into creating valuable forms your users will love.

Learning Objectives

  1. Creating new custom forms
  2. Editing existing forms
  3. Adding fields to forms
  4. Customizing fields on forms
  5. Customizing field sections
  6. Best practices for creating forms
  7. Child views
  8. Interacting with forms
  9. Preferred parent views
  10. Show / Hide rules

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