iOS Mobile App v5.4

What’s Fixed?

  • We fixed an intermittent issue causing the barcode scanner to crash.

  • We fixed an intermittent issue with newly enabled Offline resources not being downloaded to the device.

  • We fixed an issue with checkbox fields not displaying properly on some device types.

  • Some users were experiencing an ambiguous “Unknown Error” message when attempting to save records on certain device types, causing the app to freeze. This has been resolved.

  • Some users were experiencing an “Resource Unavailable” error message when attempting to launch the app for the app or switching between apps and dashboards offline. This has been resolved. Every 30 days, TrackVia issues a new refresh token for each mobile device to be able to access the TrackVia system. We streamlined the process for updating the refresh token and allowing the user to sign seamlessly back into the app if they were offline between new refresh tokens being issued.

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