TrackVia University On-Demand: Sandbox Course

About TrackVia University

In addition to the detailed written articles found in this knowledge base, TrackVia University offers a hands-on learning experience through a series of on-demand video courses. Below is an overview of the Sandbox course, which can be found here.

Mobile Course Overview

Making changes to your business-critical applications in real-time can be scary. Don't worry! We've got you covered. With the sandbox feature paired with other application development lifecycle features, you can create copies of your account, make changes, test the changes, then promote them to your production account with the push of a button—all without impacting your business. This course will take a deep-dive into the sandbox feature.

Learning Objectives

  1. Creating sandboxes
  2. Logging into sandboxes
  3. Promoting application changes
  4. Sandbox best practices
  5. Sandbox limitations

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