May 2021 Web Maintenance, Enhancements, and Mobile Preview

What’s New


Mobile Form Preview

  • New in the Form Builder: Preview your form for the mobile app directly in the form builder.


View Builder

  • View BuildUpdated display of field names with field type and icons.

  • Edit a field label for the view from either the Fields Tab or the Format Tab.



  • Filter and Sort on views directly on a dashboard. Available on non-aggregate and non-pivot views.


Child Views

  • Filter and Sort on child view on a parent form.

What’s Fixed



  • Chart Builder: Removing all fields and then selecting some fields results in no fields to graph by in the builder.

  • View Builder: Field label on charts may once again be edited.

  • Filter Preview: Resolved an issue that allowed a record to be edited in the filter preview.

  • Resolved an issue where the quick filter was cleared when toggling between views on a timeline/calendar view.

  • Resolved an issue where on a calendar view where the timeline / calendar was not showing +n more in timeline view when the lane is already full.   


  • Date Time Fields: Time zones that do not honor Daylight Saving Time will no longer have DST applied in date/time fields.

  • Help menu: Improved the display of custom text for accounts with Dark with Blue theme.

 Browser Specific Issues

  • Safari: Lanes modal showed additional lines.

  • Firefox not showing minimum password length allowed

  • Form Builder: Resolved an issue where resizing a field in the form editor in Chrome makes it twice as tall.

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