June 2021 Web Enhancement: Revert a View to a Grid

Have you ever created the perfect selection of cross-table fields for a Map, Calendar|Timeline, Lanes, or Pivot view and then wanted to re-use that same data for another view?  Well, now you can. 

Introducing Revert a View to a Grid

Map, Calendar|Timeline, Lane, and Pivot Views now support two options to change or reuse the view type.

Revert to a Grid

  • Selecting "Revert to Grid" will change the current view type to a grid view.
  • The selected filter, conditional formatting, and role assignments associated with the original view type are retained.
For example, from a Map view

Copy to New View

  • Selecting "Copy to New View" will create a copy of the fields to use in a new grid view.
  • The selected filter and conditional formatting of the original view type are retained.
  • Role assignments associated with the new Grid View are not retained. 
    The new grid view will need to be added to desired roles. 
For example, from a Pivot view

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