June 2021: TrackVia Integrations Connector Update: Test Recipes Against Sandbox Accounts

An exciting update to the TrackVia Integrations Platform now allows integration builders to test integrations against TrackVia Sandboxes.

Connecting to a Sandbox account is as easy as creating a new TrackVia connection and specifying the Sandbox Account ID in the connection configuration.

Once logged into Workato, navigate to Assets -> Connections -> Connector Path to see the new “Account ID” field you are able to populate:

In order to determine your Sandbox Account ID, log into your TrackVia Sandbox and navigate to “My Account” area:

Testing Recipes in Promotable Sandboxes

Once you have validated your integration’s behavior in a Sandbox account, you can easily target those recipes to your Production account by simply disconnecting the TrackVia connector that is referencing a Sandbox Account ID, changing the Account ID to your Production Account ID, and reconnecting the connector.

If your account utilizes Promotable Sandboxes, validate the behavior of the recipes in your Sandbox, promote any necessary account changes to Production, then reconnect your recipes to reference your Production Account ID, and all changes will immediately go into effect.

Updating Existing Recipes

Note, as a result of this connector update, Workato will not impact any currently running recipes. In order to update to this new version of the TrackVia connector, you will need to stop and restart any existing recipes, at which point the update will be applied. For more on how Workato manages SDK Version Control, see this article.

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