August 2021: iOS Mobile App v5.5 & Android Mobile App v4.0: FasTrack

What’s New?

FasTrack is a mobile-first feature that utilizes advanced optical character recognition (OCR) in connection with an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) engine to allow Super Admin and App Admin easily digitize paper data collection forms directly from their mobile handsets or tablets.

Screenshots in this article reflect iOS, however the feature is available on iOS and Android platforms. 

1. The FasTrack flow is launched from the primary sidebar navigation and is accessible to App Admin and Super Admin users.

2. Once initiated, the user is able to launch the camera on their device or upload a JPG, PNG, or PDF file from their device or connected service and then confirm their selection. (Note PDFs will only process the first page of the document.)

A note on best practices: Forms that will have the highest success rate are clean, clear, empty (no data filled in), and do not have complicated tables or extraneous text within them. Forms with embedded tables will be supported in a future version of the feature. The system is continually learning and developing, so try the same form a few times and see what results you get!

3. Once the user clicks “Transform”, TrackVia’s services determine what data input fields exist on the form and attempt to determine the proper data type that should be used for each field.

Note: If the OCR service does not recognize any fields on the form provided, you can still quickly build your form out from scratch by adding new fields in the empty form editor:

4. Within the new mobile form editor, the user has the ability to add new fields to the form, edit field labels and field types, rearrange the order of the fields on the form, and delete unwanted fields.

Click into a field to change its Label or Data Type. Drag & drop fields to re-order them. Swipe fields to Delete them.

5. Once Saved, the user now has the ability to add the new form to an existing application, or to use it to build a new application. (Note: App Admin will only be able to add the form to existing apps where they have App Admin permission. Only Super Admin can build new apps.)

Here the Super Admin is creating a new "Patient Intake App".

6. Once the user clicks “Complete Form” the underlying resources needed are created in the user’s TrackVia account and the user will then be directed to a new dashboard within their account.

When the user clicks "Complete Form" the following resources are being added to the account: 1. A new App (if Build a New App was selected) 2. A new Table 3. A custom Form (reflecting any changes made on the mobile device) 4. A custom View (mirroring the custom Form) 5. A new Dashboard to easily access the new Form/View.

7. Once the flow is complete, the Admin can now continue to modify, integrate, and permiss the resources created to any necessary roles within their application utilizing all of the native TrackVia features in the web application.

Note: If the user attempts to exit FasTrack at any point before Completing the Form (Step 6, above), the resources will be discarded and the user will need to initiate the flow to recreate them. If the user is Offline they will receive an error message indicating that they need to be online to utilize this feature.

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