November 28, 2021: Multi-Account Access

Introducing Multi-Account Access

For organizations that manage multiple TrackVia accounts, we’re making the process of navigating between your accounts easier than ever.

With our most recent release, users whose email address is associated with more than one account will now be able to easily navigate between accounts from directly within the web application.


  1. What is changing?

Most importantly, if a Super Admin invites a user to a TrackVia account, and that user’s email address is already in use in another TrackVia account, the invitation will no longer be blocked.

This error is now a thing of the past.

2. Is there anything I need to proactively do to ensure this works for my users?

If you are a Super Admin working for an organization that manages more than one TrackVia account, ensure that each account has a properly configured Subdomain & unique Company/Service name. This will help users distinguish between the accounts that they have access to and allow for seamless navigation between accounts:

 3. My users only have access to one TrackVia account. Will anything change for them?

The only thing that will change for users with access to one account is that they will now see a small icon at the top of their User Menu Dropdown indicating which account they are currently logged into (as configured in #2, above). This is called the Account Picker, and will be static for users with access to only one account:

 4. Once I have invited a user to a second or third account, how will they navigate between them?

As soon as a user’s email address is invited to more than one account, the Account Picker (in #3, above) will become interactive and will let the user select between accounts that they have access to and log into them:

Alternatively, a user can navigate directly to the custom subdomain associated with an account in their URL bar to load that account directly.

 5. I have users who are Super Admin/App Admin in one account and Limited Users in another account. Will this still work?

Yes. Permissions are still honored on an account-by-account basis. Inviting a user to multiple accounts has no impact on the roles/permissions configured in those accounts.

 6. My organization uses two accounts that have different security settings/password policies. How does that work?

It is recommended that your organization enforce the same security settings/password policy across all accounts. However, differences won’t break anything.

Whenever a user is invited to a new account, they receive an invitation email to configure their new password for that account, as per usual. All password policies/security settings are honored on an account-by-account basis. A user with access to two accounts will technically have a separate password for each account, even though they will access the system with one email address.

For example, Account 1 has a setting enabled to log a user out after 5 minutes of inactivity. Account 2 is more lenient and allows 30 minutes of inactivity before logging a user out. If a user has Account 1 open in Tab A and Account 2 open in Tab B, they will be logged out of Tab A after 5 minutes of inactivity, but will remain logged into the account in Tab B.

7. My company uses SSO. How does that work with multiple accounts?

SSO is configured on an account-by-account basis. If you need help configuring SSO on additional accounts that your company manages, see our SSO Setup Guide, or contact our Support team.

If a user has access to one account with SSO and one account without SSO, they will be directed to log in using the corresponding method when navigating between accounts.

 8. My users access an account in Production & a HIPAA/Private account. How will that work?

For security purposes, accounts that show in the Account Picker are limited to accounts within the same environment. If a user is invited to a Production Account and a HIPAA Account, they will still need to manually navigate to the HIPAA subdomain to see all HIPAA accounts they have access to.

 9. I have access to 2 accounts. Where does navigating to take me? will allow you to authenticate into your “Default” account (the original/first account that your user was invited to). We have plans to allow this to be a more customized experience for users in a future release. Always utilize custom subdomains for the best end-user experience.

 10. Can my users take advantage of this feature on Mobile (iOS/Android?)

Navigating between multiple accounts on TrackVia’s mobile applications will be supported with a release in the near future! Stay tuned!

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For a full breakdown of the feature and best practices for organizations managing multiple TrackVia accounts, head over to our knowledge base.

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