February 2022: Maintenance & enhancements

Hey all - we have a big bucket of fixes (and a few small improvements) coming your way!

What’s new

  • *** Added export to child views****
  • We added Pivot icon in app overview (was showing as a grid view)
  • Dashboard View now honors paragraph field new line breaks.
  • We cleaned up Auth-UI Error & Form styles.

What’s fixed

  • Admin: App list dropdown did not refresh for new app created by import
  • Admin: Custom subdomain tooltip showing HTML tags
  • Admin: Renamed “whitelist” to “allowed IP addresses” in IP filtering policy.
  • Admin: Script builder became unresponsive after System ID's side drawer (for constants) was opened up in large tables.
  • App Overview: Warning modal for deleting a preferred parent view was missing view name
  • Dashboards: Unable to filter on dashboard
  • Flows: "When no records are present" option in a flow did not work
  • Flows: Flow condition " ____ is any of the following" caused error when saved
  • Flows: "Exit Workflow" button persists after the user is no longer in the flow
  • Flows: Issue with "When no records are present" option in a flow caused view to refresh, without taking you to the desired form.
  • Flows: Incorrect button was showing up in Flow.
  • Flows: Warning sign on Flow said no step was connected, when there was a step connected
  • Filters: Current User Group filter didn't work when you changed it
  • from: "Is identical to"
  • to: "is one of current user groups".
  • Forms: Relationship fields can't be expanded beyond the single line/row on forms causing long field names to get cut-off
  • Session timeout showed different messaging when multiple tabs open
  • Views: Calendar timeline view wouldn’t render if a start or end date were removed from the table.
  • Views: Checkbox to select all records was not always visible
  • Views: Could not save new filtered view, if you tried to preview the filter.
  • View Builder: When there were multiple relationships up to the same parent table, you couldn't pull down the same field via two different relationships in the view builder

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