April 2022: Spring Enhancements

Hey all - another huge bucket of fixes (and a few small improvements) coming your way!

What’s new

  • Dashboards: new improved dashboard layout editor

  • App Overview - All Collapsed: sections need indicator when a filter is applied

  • Dashboards: Click on dashboard item to make full screen

  • View & Form menu: we’ve included the name of the table in a tooltip over the ‘edit table’ selector

  • Enhanced mobile web login views to be responsive

  • We've changed the way that "Shares" work in the system. Manual and Scheduled Shares will now originate from the sender 'alerts@trackvia.com'. Users can still reply directly to the user who initiated the share by replying in their email, and enterprises that utilize email spoofing detection technologies like DKIM or SPF can rest assured that Shares will not trigger false positives.

  • Users are no longer able to save Dropdown or Checkbox fields that have no options set in the Table Builder.

  • We added the ability for users to revoke refresh tokens, as well as auth tokens, via oauth/token/revoke

What’s fixed

  • Charts: Some bar charts were not rendering correctly

  • Charts: weren’t resizing vertically on window resize

  • Charts: Gantt charts - dates didn’t match between the record and the tooltip

  • Charts: Gantt charts were not displaying all data (reverting to grid shows correct number of records)

  • Charts: Line chart was not aggregating correctly

  • Charts: 3D Pie Chart did not show percentage label if the name was longer than a certain number of characters

  • Charts: Scatter charts didn't sort the x-axis correctly when the value was not a date

  • Charts: Scatter chart x-axis dates were not spaced evenly

  • Charts: Scatter chart was not showing all results of search

  • Charts: Couldn't sort scatter plot view in descending order

  • Dashboards: Default view wasn't loading upon refresh when it was permised in a role

  • Dashboards: Add Record button was misaligned when the view was at minimum width

  • Error messaging: Runtime Exceptions in BEFORE_DELETE AppScripts didn't display Exception Details in Toaster

  • Flows: Updated knowledge base URLs

  • Forms: Users were unable to move a record in a Calendar View when the Calendar view was included as a Child View on a Form

  • Forms: experienced a bug with show/hide rules and drop down filters not working as expected on a single form

  • Forms: Record ID is not appearing at the top of the form correctly or within the calendar view.

  • Forms: The edit and delete buttons on documents were hard to get to in certain situations

  • Forms: Super admin saving new record redirected to default form

  • Import: New "Client Transaction" Error Message Presenting When Importing Large Files

  • Lane View: Issues for the letters Y, P and G (text padding)

  • Notifications: Save button on the notifications menu not being able to read

  • Role Builder: users section loads page after page of users without showing available users

  • Role Builder: Get stuck unable to load more available users

  • Role Builder: Select roles pages were blank

  • Role builder: Couldn't add a dashboard to a role if the dashboard contained an empty shortcut

  • Views: PDF file name issues in Chrome causing the file to not be downloadable or open

  • User Management: Password reset no longer changes timezone

  • User management: Inviting Duplicate user to an account sends verification flow and 500s

  • User management: "User Already Exists in Account" Error Changed to be more readable.

  • We fixed an issue with the custom Workato import/export connector not accepting files containing fewer than 3 characters in the filename.

  • We fixed an issue with Gantt charts not showing events that were only 1-day in length.

  • We fixed an issue with Microservices not being able to save with special characters in their name.

  • We fixed an issue with some resource counts not showing correctly on the "App Overview" page.

  • We fixed an issue with the weekdays() formula not calculating properly in some scenarios.

Release: 23.8

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