May 2022: Additional Spring Web Enhancements!

Release Notes


Hey everyone! Lots of new goodies, and a handful of bugs fixed.

What’s New

We’ve added ‘Share’ as a primary action for a View or Form.

You can now create a copy of a Field in the Table Builder.

The default name of a relationship is now the item identifier, instead of "Link to parent table name".

In the Import wizard, you can now clear all mappings.

Also in the import wizard, we are now presenting the list of fields in the Import Mapping dropdown in alphabetical order.

In the Flow Builder, we added a resource type icon to the Task block, and updated the design.

And last but not least, you can finally edit a filter from the view designer modal.

What’s Fixed

Charts: When using Pareto Chart users cannot sort the values neither ascending nor descending. This has been fixed.

Views: Number of scheduled shares was not indicated on view nor view options menu.

Dashboards: The resize handles were showing on dashboard item when not in edit mode.

Multi account access (MAA): did not let you reset an expired password.

Dashboards: Dashboards were failing to load when a user was navigating between. dashboards and one of the dashboards had a pivot view included.

Login: Some people were seeing a white screen on login (/#/landing).

Dashboards: Search of one view can be hidden behind the view beside it.

Forms: Timeline views are transparent when used in a child views.

Views: Bulk Edit of Checkbox Options - The Plus "+" & Minus "-" characters were recognized as numbers rather than strings.

Dashboards: Highlighting the widget label didn’t work (Web Link, Embedded Website, and Shortcut Panel).

Dashboards: Calendar pop-up was displayed behind other dashboard sections.

Charts: Prevent users from adding date fields to scatter chart y-axis

Views: Conditional Formatting for a Specific Field will Cause the View to Experience a Load Error

Views: Map Views default to displaying the geographic center of the US instead of the area where the record pins actually are located.

Filters: Build a New Filter no longer returning users to view builder after.

Views: User should not be able to sort the identifier field in "Reorder Your Fields" for grid views, pivot views, and aggregate views.

Tooltips: We updated the color of links in tooltips.

Forms: Copying a record with attached screenshot invoked Save modal.

Forms: History was not showing up for some records.

Forms: Remove custom tab behavior in forms (reverting to browser default)

Roles: Can't assign form permissions if no custom form is selected as the main create form

Charts: Column Chart bars not saving as expected

Forms: Better validation for link field default values on forms

Forms: Default Values on Forms not honoring table settings

Charts: Stacked Column Chart View does not display data in chronological order along X axis.

Dashboards: Dashboard quick filter behind title on next dashboard item

Import: When importing, the import wizard will show the eternal spinner and stay spinning forever, although the import finished quickly and import results email was received.

Release 23.10

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