July 2022: Preferred Parent View (PPV) Preview

Jul 18, 2022

Hello everyone! We have a handful of new goodies, and some fixes in this release. Check them out!

What’s New & Improved

  • Improved tab functionality on Forms.

  • Flows now have the "Save As" option like Forms and Tables.

  • Horizontal space filled after clicking full screen on a Pivot View on a Dashboard.

  • Improved the Go to search results, adding the ability to "Show More" than the first 10 options.

  • Images in preferred parent views are now displayed as thumbnails instead of file names.

  • Added the ability to expand child views to full screen on forms.

  • User email addresses can only be updated by the logged in user, and can no longer be changed by admins.

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed a problem with tables freezing.

  • Resolved an issue causing the table editor to freeze when Record IDs contained the $ symbol.

  • Fixed a problem causing image field types to rearrange orders on tables.

  • Resolved email verification issues for new trial users.

  • Corrected consistency issues with Show/Hide rules on web and mobile.

  • Improved error handling when saving a Flow.

  • Added table names to error messages when administrators are attempting concurrent changes.

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