August 2022: Android 4.1

What’s New?

For users with access to multiple TrackVia accounts, you can now traverse seamlessly between those accounts from within the native Android application without having to sign out and sign back into your accounts.

As expected, all security settings, SSO, session timeout settings, and app permissions are honored per account, as configured by their respective Super Admin(s). Additionally, all stored data is cleared between account logins.

Users whose email address is permissed to multiple accounts will now be able to access a dropdown of their accounts easily from within the main sidebar navigation in the app to support easily traversing between their various work environments.

Note: Traversing between multiple accounts is not supported if your device is offline.

What’s Fixed?

  • We fixed an issue with logging into accounts with a custom subdomain after resetting your user password via the web app.

  • We fixed an issue with the FasTrack feature intermittently not processing the uploaded form.

  • We fixed an issue specific to Galaxy S21 devices that resulted in users intermittently being stuck on the login page of the application.

  • We resolved an issue specific to Pixel and Galaxy 12 devices causing the app to crash when attaching images to records.

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