September 2022: API Updates

What’s New?

  • Once a new user is invited into a TrackVia account, Super Admin in that account will no longer have the ability to modify the user’s email address. All other fields on a user’s profile are still able to be edited by the Super Admin, but if an email address needs to change, it must be changed by the owner of the profile. If a user is accidentally added with an incorrect email address, the best practice is to Deactivate that profile and invite the appropriate email address separately.

What’s Fixed?

  • We fixed an issue with the way that Limited Users receive View results from the database to make their loading Views more performant.

  • We updated aggregate functions in the formula builder to ensure that if you concatenate child user fields (like “Created By User” or “Last User”) the formula will return the user’s name and email, rather than the system ID for those users.

  • We updated the way that the system generates Change Logs for Promotable Sandboxes to ensure that large change sets are generated and emailed out more performantly.

API v23.17

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