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The differences between tables and views


A view allows you to see the data in a table. You cannot have a view without a table. Likewise, you can't see the data in a table without a view. 

You can have multiple views on a single table, as it is also possible to create a view that does not include all information from a table (like a view on an 'employee' table that doesn't include the 'salary' column). 

Views can also be affected by filters; you can create a view that might only show a list of employees who live in CO. 

As you build out your application, you'll likely create several different views, and you may use them to show different people in different roles different data - but all from the same table. 


A table should be thought of as a container. A table is a structure that holds data. Tables hold data, views are used to view data. 

HINT: As an admin, if you click on a 'table' name from the app overview, you are actually looking at your data through what's called the 'default' view. 

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