How to create a form

What is a form?

Forms are used for entering information into your application and to view or edit individual records. When you create your first table, TrackVia will automatically construct a “standard” form that is set to display all fields from your table in a single column. In this section we will show you how to create custom forms with your own layout and colors.

NOTE: You must be an admin to create custom forms. 

To start, click on the admin icon and navigate to Forms, then select + Form next to the table you wish to add the form to.


You will then enter the form designer. First, let's give this form a name. Click on "New Form" to edit the name.

After you have named the form, you are ready to start adding fields.  Along the left hand side of the page, there will be a list of all the fields in the table.  Drag and drop these fields into the field section on the form.  As you drag a field, a gray area will appear on the form where the field can be placed.  Re-sizing a field or section is as easy as dragging the bottom right corner.  All fields must be placed into a field section.  A new field section can be added by clicking the green "+ Field Section" in the bottom left corner of the window.

Next, if you wish to further customize your form, click the pencil icon in the upper right corner of any field or section. For each section, you can create a title and a description and change the color of the font and background. 

The options when editing a field on a form can be very useful when building a workflow for your users.  On the left side, you can change the field's label in the case you would like to name the field differently than what it is called in the table.  This can be helpful if the field is used for multiple purposes on different forms.  The light grey text seen in a field with no value can be changed using the Placeholder.  If you would like for some roles to see a field, but not edit it, use the Field Is Read Only option on a form assigned to those users' role.  The last setting on the left side of this window allows for making fields required on the form (rather than on the table).  You can read more about this setting in the Required Fields article.

The settings on the right side of the edit field window are for entering data using the TrackVia Mobile App. Depending on which fields you choose to edit, you can specify which elements show up when the form is accessed from a mobile device.  Below is an example of the options for a Single Line field.

Adding Child Views to a Form

Not only can you place fields on your form, but you can also place widgets - such as spacers or horizontal lines - as well as child views.  The ability to place a child view on a form is one of the most powerful form features.  For example, let’s say you want to open a Company record and see all the contacts relevant to that company in a list. To do so, you would simply add a view form the contacts table to the company form.  

The default form contains the default view for every child table.  However, you can change this to any other view for a child table by adding a view section.  A view section can be added to a form by clicking the green "+View Section" button in the bottom left corner of the screen.  After the view section is added, simply click on the child views tab and drag and drop.  You can drag and drop multiple child views into the same view section.  If there are multiple child views in the view section, a drop down list will appear to give you the ability to toggle between the different views. Additionally, left and right arrows will appear giving the option to switch between the views.  Views can be removed from the section by clicking the pencil icon next to the drop down.

Make sure to click on the "save" button on the right to Save your new form!

Copy a Form

To copy a form, click on the admin icon and navigate to Forms, then select Edit next to the form you wish to copy. From here, hover your cursor over the Save button and select Save As. Lastly, give your new form a name and click Save.

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