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How to create a chart

Charts are a great way to graphically represent your data in TrackVia. 

To create a chart, first open your table and click the 'View Options' icon, then 'Create New View'.

In the window that opens as a result, under Format, you can click the chart icon (see below), and then select from the available chart types.

Several of our charts also contain chart sub-types, as indicated by the Line, Smooth Line, and Combo options.

Options and Settings

After choosing a chart type, you will be able to select the chart settings.  The live version of your chart will be displayed on the right-hand side of the window while you make modifications on the left side.  You will find options to select which fields from your table you would like to use as inputs for your chart. When you first open the chart builder, you may notice that TrackVia has prepopulated these options with fields from your table. These are included as an example, but you can change the preexisting values to output the data you would like to see.  You can change the field(s) you are grouping by, change calculations you are performing, sort your fields by clicking the arrows to the left of the field name, and change the chart type, all from this window. 

In addition, each chart type has a "CUSTOMIZE" tab. Here you will find options to modify your chart title, axis labels, min/max values, and many other options specific to each chart type.

After the view has been created, you can hover over any of the data points to get more information.  You can even click on the data points to drill down into the associated records. 

Note: All charts are limited to display 1000 records. In a summary chart, up to 1000 grouped records will display.

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