How to create relationships

First, what is a relationship?

In TrackVia, a relationship is a link between data tables. It allows you to maintain consistent data, keep your app tidy and make it more powerful. A simple (and very common) example:
  1. You want to keep track of companies you do business with
  2. You want to manage the contacts that work for those companies
  3. There are multiple contacts per company
  4. Thus, you would want to create a "one-to-many" relationship between companies-to-contacts.
This allows you to easily see all the contacts that work for a single company and only manage a single company record instead of having to repeat the company information for each contact record.

How do I create relationships in TrackVia?
  1. Navigate to the App Builder under "Table Relationships" in the admin menu bar

  2. Set relationships between tables

  3. Review the App Design Summary

  4. Save your App!
If you ever need to edit the name of your app, you can select the edit icon next to the app name on this page.

This is a simple explanation for how to create a single link (a parent-child or one-to-many relationship) between two tables.  For more information related to linking tables, please read the How to Link Tables article.

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