How to assign a dashboard to a role

This article discusses using the Role Designer to assign a Dashboard to a Role and set one as the Role's homepage. 

  1. Navigate to the Admin icon and click "Edit" from the Roles drop-down menu next to the appropriate Role.

  2. Click the Add/Remove button in the Dashboards section, which will pop up a windowCheck the box for the Dashboard(s) you want to assign to the Role. Also within this window:
    When you hover or click on a Dashboard name, all elements that are included on that Dashboard are displayed along with a button indicating whether the Role has access to those 
    individual elements. Clicking this button will grant or un-grant access to the individual element when you save the Role.

    NOTE: If you do not grant access to an element included on a Dashboard you are assigning, that Role (the users assigned) will be able to see the Dashboard itself, but will see a permissions error message in place of the element they have not been granted access to.

  3. After the Dashboard(s) have been selected and desired access to individual elements has been granted, click Done.

  4. At this point, any of the Dashboards assigned to the Role can be set as that Role's homepage by placing it at the top of the list. That Dashboard is what the user will see when they sign in to TrackVia or when they click the home icon in the main navigation bar.

    NOTE: Only one Dashboard can be set as a Role's homepage (determined by the first dashboard in the user's favorite app, see How to Assign a Dashboard as a Homepage). However, you can grant access to as many Dashboards as desired.  You can determine the order of a user's dashboard links within their Role.  The system will display the first four or five dashboards across the top of the screen, while the rest can found under the More drop-down menu.

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