How to create a unique ID

1)   The first step to creating a unique ID is to open your Table Designer (edit table). Once this is open, you will want to select the ID: "NOT DEFINED".

Using the INSERT FIELD drop-down menu, you will have the ability to insert a field for the Record ID:

For example, let’s select Asset Name:

Since there is a possibility of having multiple Assets with the same Asset Name, we can add another field to create more of a specific Record ID. You will now see both fields set as the record ID.

5) To further customize the Record ID, you can insert text or punctuation.

6) Lastly, you can hover over the components of the Record ID, then click and drag to specify the order you wish for them to appear.

7) After you save changes, you may view the table to see the Record ID. Now you have created your Unique Identifier!

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