How to link tables (and rename an app)

To link tables within a specific App, navigate to the App Builder screen, which is found under the "Table Relationships" admin menu bar for the App you want to edit.

Tip Rename your App by clicking the edit link next to the name

One-to-Many Relationship (also known as Parent-Child Relationships)

Scroll to the bottom of this article for an explanation for how to create a "many-to-many" relationship using a join table.

In a scenario where you have many records in one table that relate to a single record in another table (for example, a Company has many Contacts), start by clicking on the Add a new relationship link for the table you want to serve as the "parent" table.

  1. The Parent Table (a single record from this Table...)
  2. The Child Table (...links to several records from this Table)
  3. The name of the relationship. This name is used as the default column header in child table views and is also referenced in forms. We suggest keeping the pre-populated name for now, but you can always come back and rename it to fit your specific needs once you're familiar with it.
  4. Save it. When you click save, the tables specified will be linked immediately and you can leave the page or continue with creating additional relationships.

As you create relationships, you will see each one described under the parent table name

  1. The "child" table name
  2. The name of the relationship
  3. Links to edit or delete the relationship
    Pencil: Rename the relationship
    Trash Can: Delete the relationship. This will sever any existing record links between the two tables!

Many-to-Many Relationship (Join Tables)

In order to create a many-to-many relationship, where multiple records in one table are related to multiple records in another table (i.e. students in multiple classes), we recommend creating a third table - a Join Table.  The Join Table will allow you to log a record for each individual relationship between the two tables.  Once the Join Table is added to the app, you can create two links, one for each of the two related tables.  The Join Table's 'Link Type' will be "Has a" to state it has a single relationship to one of the records in each of the other two tables.

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