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Field Types

Below are the different field types that can be added to a table in TrackVia.  Once each field type is added to the table you will need to give it a name.  Aside from Document, Image, Auto Counter, Checkbox and Calculated fields, you also have the ability to set the field as Required and/or Unique.

Text Fields

  • Single Line - These fields appear as a short, one-line text box for entering words, letter, or numbers. There is a limit of approximately 250 characters on the amount of text that can be entered.
  • Paragraph - These fields appear as a multi-line text box for entering longer amounts of text, namely sentences and paragraphs. There is a limit of approximately 65,000 characters on the amount of text that may be typed or cut-and-pasted. The limit is lower if multi-byte UTF-8 character sets are used.

Numeric Fields

  • Number - These fields accept decimals, positive numbers, and negative numbers. For example, valid entries include: 175, -175, 1.75, -1.75.
  • Percentage - These fields accept the same values as number fields. When viewing percentage fields, they adhere to decimal formatting and display a percent symbol. For example, entering 0.05 will result in 5%; whereas entering 5 will result in 500%.
  • Currency -  These fields accept the same values as number fields.
  • Auto Counter - These fields sequentially increment by 1 for each new record. The starting number can be chosen, it will back-fill data when added to a table with existing records, and once assigned, the number remains a static value. An Auto-Counter is unique to a record; therefore, when a record is deleted, the value is not re-assigned.
  • The precision of numeric fields is approximately 15 decimal places.
  • Additional information regarding formatting numeric fields can be found here.

    Note: Leading and trailing zeros are removed from numeric fields.

Choice Fields

  • Drop Down List - These fields require the user to choose one value from a list. For example, a drop-down list called Gender would have choices of male and female. There is no limit to the number of choices you can have.

    • NOTE: Values in drop down fields will not display in a Search.

  • Checkboxes - These fields allow you to create a single checkbox or a group of related checkboxes. If you use a group of checkboxes, users can select as many choices as apply. For example, a field called Departments Affected might have choices of Sales, Marketing, Engineering, and Human Resources. There is a limit of 63 choices on any given checkbox field.
  • NOTE 1: Values in checkbox fields will not display in a Search.
  • NOTE 2: Do not sort on checkbox fields. Because checkbox field values are stored in the database as numeric values, sorting will give unpredictable results. If you want the choices to appear in alphabetical order, enter them as such or re-arrange the order by dragging in the Table Builder.

Date Fields

  • Date - These fields force the user to enter a day, month, and year. TrackVia validates that the date is legitimate (e.g. February 31 is not a valid date). When entering or editing a date, users will see a shortcut link called today that automatically fills in the current date.  The date format displayed is based off your computer's local time settings.  For example, the date formatting will be displayed as MM/DD/YYYY in the US, while in the UK it will be displayed as DD/MM/YYYY.  You will need to change the Date and Time Settings on your computer to update the date formatting in TrackVia. Formatting instructions can be found here
  • Date and Time - These fields are like Date fields but with an additional time component. TrackVia shows date and time values to each user in their own time zone, automatically handling time zone conversions as necessary.

Specialty Fields

  • TrackVia User - This field type allows you to chose a specific user from a drop down list, effectively assigning them to the record.  You can even create filters that use this field to dynamically modify the view based on who is logged in.  For more information on filtering, click here.
  • Email - When editing a record, these fields will look like short text boxes. When viewing a record, they will appear as a hyperlink that creates an email to the address. TrackVia will only accept entries that appear to be validly-formatted email addresses. This field is limited to approximately 250 characters.
  • Link - Allows a URL to to be input and when the record is saved will function as a hyperlink.  
  • Image - These fields allow a user to attach a photo or an image file into a record. We support the following file types: .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, and .png. The image will appear as a thumbnail, which users can click to open or save the full image. There is a file size restriction of 40 MB.
  • Document - These fields allow a user to attach a file or document into the record – for example, a Word document, .pdf file, spreadsheet or video clip. It will appear as a link that allows the user to open or save it. There is a file size restriction of 40 MB.

Location Fields

The Location at Creation field works exactly as it sounds -- it allows you to determine the location where a record is created.  The feature is predominately used with mobile devices, The coordinates are captured from the device when adding a record.  This location is then pinpointed on a map which can be displayed on a form or from a view using individual or multiple records.  For more information about the Location at Creation field and Map views, click here.  

Note: Contains a special setting, "Required for Mobile Apps." When enabled, users must have location services enabled on device to add records.

Calculated Fields

Calculated fields enable you to input formulas that automatically calculate a resulting value in each record. The formula may include values in database fields (ex. Date of Birth) and/or manually input values (ex. 1987-04-12).

Any time a record is updated to change a value used in a calculated field the formula is reapplied and the resulting value is automatically updated. For more information about formulas, click here.

  • Calculated Text
  • Calculated Number
  • Calculated Percentage
  • Calculated Currency
  • Calculated Date
  • Calculated Date Time
  • Calculated Email

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