How to bulk edit / delete records

The Bulk Edit feature is a way to update records on a mass scale.  Bulk editing allows you to update one or more specific fields as well as delete specific fields or entire records.

Bulk Edit

1. Navigate to the table with the records you wish to update.  In our example, we have a Customer Orders table where some Order Dates have been left blank.

2. To update both records, simply hover over the Order ID and check the box to select the records you wish to update.

3. Next, the Edit All and Delete All buttons will appear, as well as a count of records selected.

4. After selecting Edit All, you will have the option to update multiple fields by clicking into each field and changing the value.  There is also the option to delete the values in a specific field by clicking the green “delete values” button. In our example, we have changed the Order Date field to May 07, 2018.

Note: Fields that remain unchanged will be greyed out, while updated or deleted fields will appear white with a green “undo” button below if you change your mind.

5. Last, select Save Changes to complete the update.

Bulk Delete

1. Deleting more than one record at a time uses the same process as described in steps 1 through 4.  However, this time we will click the Delete All button.  

2. A pop up will appear to confirm the deletion.

Edit or Delete All Records from a Table

Sometimes you may want to edit or delete every single record in a table.  In this case, you can use the checkbox on the Order ID column header.  In the image below, selecting the checkbox in the red circle will select every record in the table. Note that this table is showing 25 records, but there are a total of 29 records in the table.  Next to the Delete All button, it will confirm the number of records you have selected.  You can now edit/delete as described previously.

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