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How to import and link records to a related table

How do I import and link records to a related table?

When importing a spreadsheet, it can be linked to a related field. In order to link to a table, your import file must contain the components that make up the "Record ID" of the table you wish to link to. For example, let’s say you are adding more Contacts to Companies that already exist in your application. The following example will explain how to accomplish this.

  1. In this case, we are adding more Contacts and want to link them to the correct Company. To properly link the data, you will want to include the company on your spreadsheet.
  2. When mapping your data, be sure to select the box to Link imported rows to "Company." Once this is checked, you will have the ability to choose the Company Name from the related table. The related table will show in brackets in your drop-down choices. 

  3. The spreadsheet can now be imported into the Contacts table. When the application finds a matching Company Name in the Company table, your contacts will be properly linked to their company.

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