How to create a form to include child records

Adding Child Views to a Form

Not only can you place fields on your form, but you can also place widgets - such as spacers or horizontal lines - as well as child views.  The ability to place a child view on a form is one of the most powerful form features.  For example, let’s say you want to open a Company record and see all the contacts relevant to that company in a list. To do so, you would simply add a view form the contacts table to the company form.  

The default form contains the default view for every child table.  However, you can change this to any other view for a child table by adding a view section.  A view section can be added to a form by clicking the green "+View Section" button in the bottom left corner of the screen.  After the view section is added, simply click on the child views tab and drag and drop.  You can drag and drop multiple child views into the same view section.  If there are multiple child views in the view section, a drop down list will appear to give you the ability to toggle between the different views. Additionally, left and right arrows will appear giving the option to switch between the views.  Views can be removed from the section by clicking the pencil icon next to the drop down.

Make sure to click on the "save" button on the right to save your new form!

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