September 2014 Release Notes

September 25

At TrackVia we like to say that "speed is a feature". Page load time and performance is important to us, and we've heard some feedback lately that our dashboards can be slow to load. We're listening! So we made a few changes to make dashboards snappier:
  • On-demand dashboard element loading
    When you first land on a dashboard, we'll only load what's in the viewable area. As you scroll down a longer dashboard, you'll see the other elements load as you scroll, "on demand". This makes the initial load far faster and allows you interact with the page without having to wait for the entire dashboard to load.

  • General dashboard performance optimization
    We tweaked some code and optimized some queries that load the data for views included on dashboards. The result should be zippier loading of dashboard elements.
With the change that only loads the first few dashboard elements, we recommend as a best practice to place your most commonly viewed elements at the top of your dashboard; if scrolling down becomes cumbersome for you.

As always, please keep us posted on how we're doing!

September 18

The TrackVia public API is now available! Here are a few resources to learn more about the killer integration capabilities the API enables:
Starting September 19th, all new TrackVia trials will have the opportunity to test drive the TrackVia Enterprise edition, which includes access to the API. If you started a trial before September 19th or are a current non-Enterprise customer and would like more information about gaining access to the API, please contact

September 9

Focus is on getting more filter options for related table fields and more value out of the Record ID

Filter on parent fields & Record ID
  • You can now construct a Filter that uses fields from other linked tables, including parent Record ID
Record ID more valuable
  • Record IDs are now searchable
  • You can group by record ID in charts & views
  • You can group by parent table Record ID in charts & views

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