How to use quick filters

Quick Filters allow you to further refine a collection of records in a specific view. Whether you need to make a quick list of open projects, or filter an existing report by an Account Rep, quick filters make this an easy process. They are available to all TrackVia plans and all user types.

Using Quick Filters

1. From a view, click the Add Quick Filters link found towards the top right corner of the page.

2. Next, choose the field you wish to filter by.

3. Next, define the parameters of the filter. In the background, you will notice the view updating automatically as additional filters are added. 

4. When you have finished adding all of the necessary filters, you can click anywhere outside of the filters box or select Hide to remove the quick filters menu and see your data. Note: Next to the filter icon, a blue circle displays the number of quick filters applied to the view.

5. To remove the filters, simply click Clear, and your view will return to its original state.

Quick filters are specific to the current logged in user and do not change the integrity of the view for other users accessing it at the same time. TrackVia will remember the filters until you clear them or leave the application. If you wish to filter a view and save it for future use, an Admin will need to create the view and grant access to limited users via their specific role.

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