How to share data

TrackVia applications have enhanced collaboration tools which allow you to share data with people out of your organization via email, print, or data exports. You can now make data available externally to suppliers, customers and more.

Share a View

Sharing is available for all view and chart types in your application via the view's menu options. From the view menu option, select Share View.

The next screen will allow you to specify email recipients, a custom subject, and add a custom message for the recipient.

Some examples of shared views are shown below.

Pie Chart

Grid View

Note: When sending charts, the recipient receives a downloadable image which is a static snapshot of the view at the time it is sent; whereas grid views are embedded into the body of the email. When sending a grid view via email, up to the first 100 records will display in the body of the message. When sharing, the email includes an Open button and the title of the view as clickable links. If selected, the recipient is taken to the TrackVia login screen. For TrackVia users with permission to the view, they can enter login credentials and be taken directly to the view. Non-users will have read only access via their email.

Share an individual record

To share a single record, click into the menu and select Share.

Export Data

To export data from a view, click into the Menu, and select Export View. This will download a .csv file to your computer. From here, you can share the downloaded file with others via email, shared drive accounts, and so forth. The recipient has the ability to manipulate the spreadsheet as needed.

Note: While you can export the data in a graph view type, the resulting file will contain the records which make up the view, and will not contain the actual image.

Print Data

You have the ability to print a view or an individual record. To do so, click into the menu and select Print. Watch our Product Release Notes for enhancements to printing coming soon!

Security Enhancements

For those who have higher-level security concerns, our new DLP (data loss prevention) feature will allow you to disable sharing and exports, as well as printing from a Web browser, for those situations where the data is most sensitive. Our new DLP feature is available to everyone at no charge for 45 days, so you can see if it’s right for you. Beginning June 25, 2015, DLP will be included in all Enterprise packages and above.

As an admin, the share features are available to all users. For a limited user, the settings can be configured at the role level (pictured) and at a more granular level for each specific view.  To remove this functionality, simply uncheck the boxes for Print, Share, and Export in the respective Role, and the options will be removed from the menu.

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