How to use your mobile device offline

The TrackVia mobile app can be used in an offline mode. With the offline feature enabled, you can create records, edit their drafts, and upload when you are connected. Furthermore, by turning on automatic sync, the application will upload data when it detects an internet connection.

Enable Offline Mode

Offline mode is enabled in a user's Role setting. To do so, simply edit the role, and select the table under Assign Views and Forms. When assigning a form for creating new records, check the box to "Create records offline" and save the changes.

Once the feature is enabled, the next step is to sync your mobile device with your TrackVia application. From your mobile device, open the TrackVia mobile application. Next, click into your settings and select 'Sync Now'.

The sync button will cache any forms and views which have been enabled for offline support on your local device. This allows you to add new records or edit existing ones from views that are offline-enabled when there is not an available internet connection. 

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